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Publisert: 06.04.2011.  Oppdatert: 31.08.2016.

The Information Bureau for automatic fire suppression systems (OFAS) was established by Finance Norway in 2003, as the Information Bureau for Sprinkler Systems. The name was changed in 2010, together with a broadening of the bureau’s purpose.

The bureau’s main purpose is to increase the number of automatic fire suppression systems in Norway, as well as to improve the quality of existing systems. Automatic fire suppression systems are proven to be among the most effective technical measures when it comes to limiting the scope of fires. It is, however, important to combine such systems with fire resistant separation, alarm systems etc., to gain maximum effect of the investment in automatic fire suppression systems.

The bureau can also provide information on existing technology, though we will not assist in solving technical problems. Issues related to rules and regulations are handled by, among others, the Norwegian Insurance Approval Board (FG), the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB), and the Norwegian Building Authority (DIBK).

Mission statement
OFAS’ purpose is to reduce the loss of lives, health and material values from fires.

The information bureau’s instruments for fulfilling its purpose are the development and distribution of information and knowledge in order to extend the use of automatic fire suppression systems, and to secure a high quality in these, both existing and new.

OFAS shall also initiate and assist in the development of new technical (and other) solutions for automatic fire suppression systems. The bureau shall, in addition, function as a bridge builder in order to gather and maintain support for the bureau’s purpose.

OFAS is led by a member-elected board. The secretarial functions are performed by Line Martinussen at the Norwegian Fire Protection Association. Board members:

• Chair Arild Juell-Andersen (Finance Norway)
• Deputy chair Hildegunn Bjerke (The Norwegian Insurance Approval Board)
• Jan Hantho (Norwegian Fire Professional Association)
• Frank Elton (Norwegian Fire Technology Association)
• Egil Larsen (Oslo Agency for fire and rescue services)

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